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Are you concerned about the US Department of Education’s newly deployed “secret shopper” program, aimed at monitoring potentially deceptive practices in student recruitment and enrollment? Fear not, as One Partners is here to assist your school in preparing for this program by providing our own expert secret shoppers.

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What makes your training school better than the rest? Whatever it is, it won’t drive growth, until your ideal students get the message.

At One Partners, we help Colleges and Universities generate leads, target and connect with the right people at the right moment in the customer journey. Which leads to more new student starts at or below your target cost per start.

One Partners works with leading independent Colleges to help them to connect with the next wave of healthcare professionals. Our unique marketing approach enables our clients to establish trust with their current students as well as reach new markets and new audiences to fuel growth.

Today, and into the future, the healthcare industry is going to need more trained technicians and nurses. One Partners is dedicated to helping you reach these new students and capitalize on the emerging market opportunities.

These White Papers Will Help You Attract Your Best Students in the New Normal.

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What We Do


Every touchpoint matters. From the way calls are answered to the colors of your logo, we take a holistic approach to developing and managing a brand that stands out and attracts your best students.


We’re experts in applying deep student and market insights to identify, buy and optimize the local, regional and even national advertising media. From local to fully integrated national TV and Radio, One Partners has the experience to put you in front of your best students for the lowest cost.


Digital display and digital retargeting advertising, website and landing page development, insight-driven SEO, PPC, lead generation, and digital lead nurture. One Partners offers a complete digital marketing solutions that deliver results.


Our Experience

For over 20 years, we’ve been working closely with some of the best names in the Education industry.


In our first year managing SEO & Content strategy for a leading healthcare college based in California, we improved the following key performance indicators:

One Partners has played an important role in developing our digital and video marketing for both branding and lead generation. This past year I worked closely with them as they took the time and effort to understand our demographics, our culture and our mission. An important part of what they did included creating video content from graduate testimonials, graduations, and classroom/ labs settings. This content has been used effectively in all of our marketing platforms. We have seen a dramatic improvement in the quantity and quality of our lead generation. I would highly recommend One Partners.

David Higley
Chief Marketing Officer

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